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This Cookie Policy is an integral part of Souq Dükkan Privacy Policy.

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What is the Cookie?

Cookies are small data files placed on your internet browser's device (for example, a computer, a mobile phone, etc.). The task of cookies is to inform the user that they have visited the site again. Remembering browser settings, login information and system information allows the user to provide a service-oriented and optimized website. Cookies alone cannot be used to identify you. In order for the Souq Dükkan website to work properly, we sometimes place cookies on your devices. For this purpose, Souq Dükkan uses the following types of cookies on its website:

- Session cookies
- Persistent Cookies
- Mandatory cookies
- Functionality cookies
- Commercial cookies
- Analytics cookies; and
- Advertising/Targeting cookies
- Third party cookies
- Technical cookies
- Preference cookies

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the Souq Dükkan website, to function properly, to improve it, to remember your preferences, and to personalize and improve the user experience.

We use these cookies to remember your choices, such as:

- Language and country;
- Member login;
- Your browser settings and plugins;

We also use cookies to help us gather anonymous and aggregated statistical data that allows us to understand how users use our website, and to improve the structures and content of our website. In addition, we share traffic data obtained through cookies with our third-party business partners and digital marketing companies in Turkey for digital marketing purposes.

Cookies are stored on devices for a period appropriate to the purpose, provided that the maximum statutory period, if any, is not exceeded.

What's the good of that to you?

Cookies, that we use on the Souq Dükkan website, save your membership information and enable your website session to remain constantly logged-in thus, eliminate the requirement to enter your password for multiple times on your every visit to our Souq Dükkan website and remember and recognize your information on your next visits.

In addition, these cookies used provide us information about the device you are using. In this way, we can improve our site to provide the best user experience. To further optimize your experience, we collect data about your actions on our site and how you use the site. In this context, we kindly ask you to pay your attention to the fact that the data we collect is purely statistical, not strictly personal.

Some cookies are set by third parties that we choose to facilitate as suppliers.

Some of these cookies are as follows:
- Google
- Facebook

For more detailed information on the privacy and cookie policies of third parties we choose to facilitate as suppliers, please visit the following websites:



How are cookies blocked / deleted?

Many browsers accept cookies by default, but you can change your browser settings to avoid accepting cookies or delete cookies from your system. In this way, although it may vary depending on the capabilities offered by the browser, data owners have the opportunity to block the use of cookies, choose to receive warnings before the use of cookies, or simply disable or delete certain cookies. Preferences in this regard change depending on the browser used, but the general description can be reached at Preferences for cookies may need to be made separately for each device on which the user accesses to our website.

Moreover, preference management is not possible for some cookies that are mandatory for the operation of our website. In addition, we would like to remind you that the various functions of our website may not work if some cookies are turned off.

For more information on changing preferences for cookies, please read the support section of your browser.